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Illumio Core for Compliance

This workshop will help you see how easy it is to use Illumio Core to prove the accuracy of your compliance scope for protecting your most important customer data.


Date: Wednesday, January 11
Time: 10:00 AM SGT

What you'll do:

We’ll start with a 15-minute primer on Illumio Core. The rest of the time is all yours to get hands-on experience and have your questions answered along the way.

Based on a PCI Data Security Standard use case that’s applicable to any compliance program, you will learn how to use Illumio Core to:

  • Visualize and scope the environment: See how easy it is to accurately scope an audit environment.
  • Plan and enforce controls: Use a guided workflow to design, provision and enforce segmentation policies, quickly separating the PCI environment from out-of-scope systems.
  • Document and prove compliance: Learn how to demonstrate scope accuracy and the efficacy of controls to a qualified security assessor (QSA).

What you need:

Participants must have a laptop that is compatible with Zoom.