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A hands-on Zero Trust Segmentation experience that’s fast and easy


Test Drive: Illumio Core for Ransomware Containment 

This hands-on lab will show you how to quickly contain ransomware to prevent it from infecting your entire infrastructure.  

What you'll do:

We’ll start with a brief primer on Illumio. The rest of the time is yours to get a hands-on experience with Illumio in a live environment. 

You will:

  • Identify potential risks in the network: Build a map of all applications, workloads, and traffic between them. Use this insight to identify risk.  
  • Block ports commonly used by ransomware: Proactively prevent the spread of an attack by shutting down common pathways used by ransomware.  
  • Protect with granular segmentation policy: Easily set up a policy that creates environmental segmentation while ensuring business continuity.  

What you need:

Participants must have a laptop that is compatible with Zoom.