Illumio Experience

A hands-on Zero Trust Segmentation experience that’s fast and easy

Test Drive: Illumio Core


This hands-on lab will teach you how to start on your Zero Trust Segmentation journey and how to increase cyber resilience in just a few clicks with Illumio Core.  

What you'll do:

We’ll start with a brief primer on Illumio. The rest of the time is yours to get a hands-on experience with Illumio in a live environment. 

You will learn about:

  • The Zero Trust Segmentation Journey: Learn how to quickly gain value and build cyber resilience as you progress towards true ZTS.
  • How to segment environments rapidly: Use the insights provided by Illumio’s application dependency map to apply some basic environmental segmentation.
  • Ringfencing applications: Gain quick ROI and progress towards true Zero Trust Segmentation by applying logical ring fences around high-value assets.

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