All it takes is a single compromised endpoint for attackers to gain a foothold and move laterally to ransom other endpoints or reach higher value targets - turning an attack into a devastating breach. With the rise of work-from-anywhere workforce, IT has even less visibility and control of assets off the corporate network making it difficult to detect attacker movement. Lateral movement is the secret ingredient of successful ransomware attacks and stopping them should be in every defender’s arsenal.

CrowdStrike’s unified endpoint and workload protection provides defense-in-depth, now coupled with Illumio Edge for a Zero Trust approach to proactively prevent attacker lateral movement and the spread of ransomware. Learn how to understand traffic hitting endpoints or see potential attacker lateral movement, as well as how default containment of malware with Zero Trust for the endpoint can help ensure the first endpoint infected is the last, by stopping the spread of attacks and ransomware.

Register and attend this session to:

  • Understand more about the lateral movement exhibited by ransomware that drives high-profile breaches.
  • See and understand potential lateral movement–or legitimate business traffic—and use this security visibility to address attacks or better understand business needs by allow-listing a truly legitimate, necessary service.
  • Learn how the CrowdStrike Falcon agent now calls on Illumio’s endpoint Zero Trust for threat containment to limit the cyber risk associated with major cyberattacks.


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Nathaniel Gleicher

Katey Wood

Director, Product Marketing

Nathaniel Gleicher

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Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Nathaniel Gleicher

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Strategic Threat Advisor